Trail Maps

To help you make the most of your visit to our trails, here you'll find several maps to make using the trails easier, safer and more convenient. There are both North-South and South-North versions of our trail maps, as well as a handy map for using our trails with dogs.

For an offline-friendly smartphone option, see the bottom of the page for instructions on adding our trail map to Avenza Maps.

Ski & Snowshoe Trail Maps

Ski trails: North-South
Ski trails: South-North

Dog Trails Map

We have devoted some of the trails to be dog friendly. You are welcome to ski with 1 or 2 dogs, but please obey the following rules:

  • Stick to dog friendly trails (indicated on map)
  • Dogs must always be on a leash, even if no one else is around. 
  • Dogs must not chase wildlife. If you come across large wildlife (e.g., moose), please turn around and go the opposite direction.
  • Pick up your dog poo or flick it into the bush. Please flick neglected dog poo.
  • Dog owners help keep this privilege by following these simple rules at all times. 

Offline Mobile Ski Trail Map (Avenza)

Download the Avenza Maps app on your phone, then either:

  1. Copy the link below and paste it in your Avenza app, OR...
  2. Download the PDF below and add the BMNSA ski trails to the app.

Now you can follow our trails without worrying about cell service!

Map Link: