Rules & Safety Tips

Our rules & safety tips will help keep the trails more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Please give these a read before heading out!

Ski Safe!

  • Ski with a buddy. If skiing alone, tell someone where you are going and expected time of return.
  • Plan your route: Print and take a map!
  • Dress warmly in layers.
  • If you are going out longer, take water, energy pack, first aid kit, fire starter, etc.
  • If you come across large wildlife (e.g. moose), please turn around and go the opposite direction.
  • Cell phone service is available on the top trails only.
  • 911 Emergency Site # is 13562 Radar Lake Road. Have it with you.

Ski Etiquette

  • ALWAYS wear your season/day pass - make it visible. If not, you may be asked to show your pass
  • Do NOT walk across groomed ski trails. Stay on the outside of the groomed track
  • If you approach another skiier and want to pass them, give them a 'gentle' signal (they may not hear you coming) that you are approaching e.g. "coming behind you" or "track"


Our volunteers have developed snowshoe trails that weave throughout the ski trails. However, in order to maintain the ski trails the following needs to be observed:

  • Snowshoeing is permitted on secondary trails as shown on map and marked by red wooden signs, shaped like a snowshoe.
  • When on the ski trails stay on the extreme outside edges.
  • Please stay off set tracks and skate pad (center of ski trails).
Look for the red Snowshoe signs
Snowshoers stick to snowshoe trails


We have devoted some of the trails to be dog friendly. You are welcome to ski with 1 or 2 dogs, but please obey the following:

  • Stick to dog-friendly trails (indicated on map)
  • Dogs must always be on a leash, even if no one else is around.
  • Dogs must not chase wildlife. If you come across large wildlife (e.g. moose), please turn around and go the opposite direction.
  • Pick up your dog poo or flick it into the bush. Please flick neglected dog poo.
  • Dog owners help keep this privilege by following these simple rules at all times.

Tips for Keeping Warm

What I Wear When I Go Skiing

  • I cover my face when the weather is windy and/or cold.
  • I keep my toque on!
  • I dress in thermal underwear.
  • I dress with mitts, not gloves.
  • I wear clothing that is not too bulky and allows me to move freely; if possible, I layer my clothing.
  • If I wear wool, I wear it as a second layer away from my skin.
  • My clothing and boots are not too tight.
  • I keep metal zippers away from my skin.

How I Keep My Feet Warm

  • I wear a toque. It helps me retain body heat, which in turn will keep my hands and feet warm.
  • I change into a pair of dry socks just before I begin skiing. Socks that I have been wearing in my winter boots will be damp, which will cause my feet to become cold.
  • My toes must be able to move in order for my feet to stay warm. I don’t wear boots that are too tight, or wear thick socks in boots that don’t have enough space for my feet to move.
  • On cold days I wear boot covers, which are available in sport stores, or pull an old pair of socks over my boots. If I use a pair of socks, I will need to cut a hole in them so that my boot will fit into the binding.

Tips for Keeping Warm

  • I hop up and down & wiggle my toes
  • I spin my arms in big circles like a windmill & wiggle my fingers
  • I try not to take off my mitts
  • I laugh out loud.
  • And ski all around.
  • If I do these things, I will keep warm all day long!