BMNS Evolution 2008 - 2012

Purchased a 1997 Bombardier Plus MP snowcat and track upgrades. ($50,000)
Completed major maintenance upgrades on this machine. ($37,000)
Made down payment on a snow tiller and track setting pans for this machine. ($38,000)
Placed 8 picnic tables along the trail system. 6 have yet to be assembled.

Felled, limbed and bucked flat several thousand trees along 25 kilometres of trail.
Roughed out 7 kilometres of hiking trail.
Improved drainage by brushing the upstream and downstream ends of 40 culverts and 7 bridges, extended 8 culverts and added 5 new culverts.
In 25 areas along the trail system we sidecut and widened to 7 metres.
Built one new toilet and placed it over a cribbed hole; replacement of roof on one toilet.
Fenced the trailhead area placing one new double gate on the driveway.
Built 3 wood fences around 3 shelters.
Raised two shelters and placed them on cement blocks.
Significant improvements on an adventure ski area.
Fire guarded all buildings.
Built a driveway from the access road to the shop area.
Removed stumps along the trail system.
Placed and built 12 picnic tables and 8 benches along trails.
Placed shale to bring the grade up to the shop floor level.
Purchased trusses for the shop roof.
Purchased metal roofing for the shop.
Purchased metal siding for the outside of the shop.

Planted 100 spruce trees at the trailhead.
Landscaped shop pad and placed concrete.
Placed sewer line for the caretaker quarters.
Build a pad 16 X 60 which will support the caretaker living quarters.

Completed cat shop, fully insulated, heated and wired for generator.
Completed caretaker living quarters, Solar powered with water and sewer.
Removed 300+ blow down trees from the trails.
2500 hours of volunteering by club members.
Placed new donor signs at the trailhead.