BMNS Evolution 2004 - 2008


Built a 14 X 34' race shack.
Machine time to fill hundreds of root ball holes along the length of the trails. (186.5 hours)
Total cost of this project was shared by two donors and the club. ($1,5000)
Brushed 25 km of ski trails, costs shared three ways. ($6,300)
Purchased two pieces of small grooming equipment for the twin track.
Cat work, cut and fill to level the stadium area removing trees and roots. ($7,500)
Sidecut and contour several hills along the length of the trail system. ($2,000)
Work on fences, gates, danger trees, blowdown and other maintenance.


Replacement of 20 metre foot bridge
New decking and railings plus substructure repairs on 216 and 28 metre footbridges
Replace superstructure and repairs to substructure on 3 10 metre vehicle bridges
Upgrading of toilet facilities, new holes with steel cribbing and adding one more toilet for a total of 5 toilets on the trails
Complete re-signing of the whole trails system with 125 signposts
One mile of fencing
Development of our kids adventure ski area
Felling over 300 danger trees
Purchased a new powersaw for falling danger trees
Gravelling of parking lot and loading area
Building of a new loading ramp
Acquiring a snow roller
Dirt work in 8 areas along the trail system to improve contouring and drainage
Brushing along trails where growth was becoming a problem
Placed new steel gate, 6 metres wide at the trail head
Sold our old and failing 1974 snowcat(originally donated to us in 1995 by B.C. Hydro)


Initiation of work on an adventure ski playground as a resource for our instructional ski programs for kids.
Removed 300 beetle killed Pine trees from the trailhead area with the support of the Ministry of Tourism Culture and the Arts.
Planting of 800 pine and spruce seedlings in this area.
Annual removal of blowdown trees and danger trees along the trail system. 300+ trees this past year.
Arranged an investment of $37,500.00+ in a gravel pad, forms, steel and concrete for a shop floor
      to eventually support a shop for our equipment and a small suite to house a caretaker.