Cross Country British Columbia

  • The Sport

    Cross-country skiing is a low impact, low risk outdoor winter sport that can be practised in almost every part of British Columbia. At a basic level, it is a sport that is easily learned, with "no boundaries" for age, gender or fitness level. At the highest level of competition, its mastery demands exceptional skills and fitness. It is truly a "sport for life" - in that participation frequently leads to passionate commitment and with it a life-long involvement in the sport.

    In all aspects of its governance of cross-country skiing, Cross Country BC is guided by a comprehensive sport-specific Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Cross Country BC's LTAD model is aligned with the model of it's national sport governing body, (CCC), which is in turn consistent with Sport Canada's LTAD resource paper, a world-leading conceptual framework for athlete development that recognizes international best practices, research and normative data, while considering the cultural, social and political factors that make Canada unique. CCC/Cross Country BC's LTAD model is an inclusive concept that emphasizes physical literacy and teaches sport skills in an age appropriate manner. It encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong physical activity and articulates the need for children, particularly those who have an interest in competing in the sport, to be given a solid foundation in physical, technical, tactical and mental capacities upon which to build their performance abilities.

    In recognition of the universality of the sport and the needs related to it, Cross Country BC's mission encompasses programs that range in focus from basic skill development for children in a fun context to programs designed to permit British Columbia's top skiers to compete successfully at the national level. But regardless of the type of skiing being performed, Cross Country BC is committed to making the cross-country skiing experience as positive and fulfilling as possible for each and every member.

    Most important of all, cross-country skiing is an outdoor winter activity that allows people to appreciate our long Canadian winters and the beautiful province we live in.

    All Memberships in the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Club include membership in the CCBC

    FUTURE COACHING SESSIONS - If you are interested in future coaching, please contact us to be notified when the next course is scheduled.


The organization

Cross Country BC is the provincial sport governing body for cross country skiing in British Columbia. As such Cross Country BC partners with other provincial/territorial sport governing bodies for cross-country skiing and together they constitute a national sport organization - CCC.

Cross Country BC is a provincially incorporated, non-for-profit, club-based Association of 14,000 members.

In general terms, Cross Country BC provides connectivity to the broader world of cross-country skiing and makes community-level activities more relevant and productive by applying economies of scale to create services to the membership at large. It is instrumental in providing venues and expertise that enable all participants to derive the greatest possible benefit and enjoyment from the sport and, for those so inclined, to facilitate participation in programs that provide for the continuous development of cross-country skiing from introductory experience to competitive excellence at the national level.