So here is what needs to be done this year

Oversee programs offered by the ski club and facilitate the general useage of the system.
Upgrade and keep the website current.
Continue the trail upgrades installing drainage, ditching, contouring, trail surface work, tree and stump removal in areas where required.
Grass seeding in areas disturbed by development work.
Weed control along trails. Thistle and scentless camomile are a challenge.
Danger tree control as necessary and removal of blow down trees from the trails as necessary. This happens after every wind storm as we are dealing with a poplar forest cover that has aged out.
Continue to pursue partnerships with the Mountain Biking and Disc Golf groups coming to agreement on work necessary to accommodate their needs.
Develop the snowshoe trails and add to the network as required for the mountain bikers. This will improve snowshoeing opportunities too.
Improve signage and replace broken signposts on all trails.
Repair fences around cabin and shelters that have been broken by blow down trees.
Pick rocks and roots along trail surfaces.
Mow all trails and stadium to remove tall grass and saplings that grow up in the trails over summer. Whip grass and saplings inside shelter and cabin fences.
Clean toilets, shelters, cabin and shop and deal with hung logs in the walls of the cabin.
Do rodent control at all buildings.
Replenish wood supply at all shelters, cabin, caretaker suite, shop and trailhead cabin.
Replace roof on caretakers suite.
Upgrade the solar facilities on the caretaker suite. Add small wind generator to the system.
Clean out ashes and check chimneys in all buildings.
Repair fences surrounding the trails system to discourage recreational vehicle entry.
Maintenance and repairs on snowcat, tiller, side by side, quads and sleds.
Provide some oversight of use of the snowmobile cabin.
Repairs to picnic tables and benches as required in various locations around the system.
Pour concrete floor in storage shed.
As time allows, clean up deadfall along trails.
Clean culverts as required.
Plant trees in the trailhead and stadium areas.
Move building materials to the various worksites.
Repairs to any minor washouts that might occur during break-up.
Replacement of bridges washed out in the June 2016 floods.
Clear and build new approaches to the sites designated by the engineer.
Removal of two original bridge structures and disposal of materials.
Maintain and keep current our BC Societies status.
Hold monthly club meetings to keep members up to date.
Mark any areas on the trails that might possibly be a danger to users and mitigate these situations.
Apply for grant monies to support trail development and snowcat replacement.
Facilitate restoration of bridges to South loop and vicinity.
If a danger tree requires removal Recreation Sites and Trails BC staff will be contacted.
If an accident or injury occurs Recreation Sites and Trails BC staff will be advised as soon as practical.
Tour the trails regularly with a view to mitigating hazards. Ribbon areas of concern such as glaciation, fallen trees, etc.
Advise of safety considerations that users should aware of. Ie. Do not ski alone. If you see animals on the trails, do not attempt to approach or pass them turn around and ski another direction.
Keep sleds and toboggans and first aid materials on site.
Keep fire tools available in fire season.
Keep website and a trailhead signboards current to keep users informed of issues.

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