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SKI Conditions

28 November 2020
In addition to last weeks grooming, we have packed track with the sled and roller
West Wolf beyond Wolf shelter and down Wolf hill to the Hauber Hut.
Bissette is tracked to the cabin and up Log Cabin trail to Lynx
Marten, Mink, Bear, Marmot, Bear, Wolverine and Fox have a packed track.
Lynx is not good and Grizzly between the shelter and the top of Weasel is not good.
Weasel is not useable right now.
South Loop closed.

6 June 2021 Update
Sorry but we are a little bit short of snow right now. So try slipping on your hiking/jogging boots!
The rest of the world is complaining of overcrowded wilderness due to COVID avoidance,
while we have unspoiled wild trails right here. If you do want to see people, be sure to bring a friend.



Rather early in the morning, isn't it?
(**See Note below)
Minimal waxing required: Apply hot and scrape
Use Hard wax (eg. green: ie Start Arctic, Toko Nordline,Swix HF4X)
Waxless (Fish-Scale) Skis
Occasionally: Same as above, but only on tips and tails. Alternately apply SWIX Easy-glide to the whole ski if snow is sticking.
Waxable (Flat P-Tex Base) Skis
Glide Wax (Tips and Tails) Same as above.
Grip Wax (30" from the heel forward):
Is there really any snow out there ?.
Wood (with Lignastone edges) Skis
as above, but over pine-tar or equal base layer

**Note:Unless you are a serious racer, waxing should not be an intimidating ritual. Focus on the 'Grip' wax under the middle part of th ski: Start with a harder wax, and if you find yourself back-slipping, add a softer wax as required as the snow warms up.    Smooth it out by rubbing down   the ski with the cork from your wine bottle.    (It is OK to add a softer wax over the harder one, but doing the opposite may be difficult.)
To determine distance travelled, click on the little green trees at junction points to mark your trail,
and view distances below.
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