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But What About COVID-19 ?

Sigh... We'll need to have less of this... And more of this.

Cross-country skiing is probably the safest winter sport we have, being in the outdoors and well distanced from other people. But make no mistake about it: COVID -19 is now here in the South Peace.   Also, without doubt, family from afar will be visiting us over the holidays, and of course we will want to go for a ski... for old-times sake.

Masks and Social Distancing. The good news is, that currently you will not have to wear a mask while actually skiing. People will be able to see that you are smiling at them! But this holds true only when you are actually distancing yourself from all other skiers. Six feet is the standard rule: Roughly the length of most skis, and if you can poke your partner with a ski pole, well, you are too close.
Do yourself a favour: Do not ski single file if you can help it, where you are sharing the breath of the person in front of you. Ski beside each other where possible. If you must share a single track, show respect, and increase your distancing!

But we are not always adequately distanced!

Let's enjoy ourselves, but be respectful of our fellow skiers.
Read the very specific protocols required in our province to keep all of us safe this winter!"

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