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Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association


Our Goals

Enjoy the trails solo, with a partner, or with a group of buddies, but don't overlook the joys of participating in group activities. You know that the reason people in cities enjoy 'Dog Parks' is not only to exercise their pets, but to socialize with other like minded people. And that is why you will want to enjoy some of the organized activities that BMNSA provides.

Remember that the trails are also available for other all-season activities; we encourage snow-shoeing, hiking, cross-country running, wildlife-viewing, mountain biking, horseback riding, orienteering, outdoor environmental studies and similar non-motorized   recreational activities.

Rules and Advice

Ski Safe!

  • Ski with a buddy. If skiing alone, tell someone where you are going and expected time of return.
  • Plan your route: Print and take a map!
  • Dress warmly in layers.
  • If you are going out longer, take water, energy pack, first aid kit, fire starter, etc
  • A First Aid Kit and toboggans are located in Cabin on Bissette Creek and in the Shelters
  • Cell phone service is available on the top trails only.
  • 911 Emergency Site # is 13562 Radar Lake Road. Have it with you.


Snowshoeing is permitted on secondary trails and on the extreme outside edges of the wider trails. Please stay off set tracks and skate pad.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are welcome, but of course you will be using a FatBike in winter. Use secondary trails where possible, stay off set tracks, and yield to skiers.

Cats and Dogs

There is nothing your pet enjoys more than going for a ski with you. However, currently dogs are not permitted on the trails in winter. While your dog does not poo on the trails, chase ski tips on a downhill run, trip up other skiers, annoy dog-deprived individuals, need to be called back in a loud voice when they run off, challenge other dogs, chase deer, or retrieve moose and bears, apparently there are some that do.
For this reason, currently BMNSA has banned companion dogs, ski-joring, and dog-teams, even if all eight of your malemutes are 'little'. There are some murmurings of nudging the rules for certain events, at certain times, on certain narrower trails in the future but for now, current rules apply. Be aware that, even in summer, dogs harassing wildlife may be granted no quarter by wildlife officers.
Cats, on the other hand, are welcome to accompany skiers at any time.

Ski Rental

Skis are provided to youth and adults attending ski classes.
This year, we are also renting out skis on those weekends when we have a volunteer to manage them. Currently, we will try to be able to do this every Saturday between 11:00 and 4:00 PM.
The cost is $15 per occasion, (plus $10 for a day pass for non-members). There are also a limited number of skate-skis available on a first come - first served basis.
This is a great opportunity for members to build their volunteer time by managing the rentals!
Check the Facebook page before you head out, or to volunteer your time.Contact us at, if you have a particular event in mind.

Buying Ski Equipment

Sooner than later, you will be wanting to purchase your own equipment. There are a number of excellent stores in town that can help. Griffin Source for Sports is a good starting point.
It might also be worth considering the purchase of used equipment, particularly for the youngsters that will outgrow their equipment well before it is worn out. Please consider swaps, shares, or used purchases from other members, by checking out the BMNSA Equipment Listing Site
For guidance on selecting the best equipment for you, refer to our Equipment Selection Guide

Youth Programs

The BMNSA has a Youth Program for children 3 years to 14 years old.
Our program has increased to 40 youth and the curriculum has been expanded to include skate skiing techniques for the advanced skiers. Assistant Coaches are also certified as National Certified Coaches through the Coaching Association of Canada and Cross Country Canada.

Athlete and coach development follows Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model. LTAD focuses on the general framework of athlete development with special reference to growth, maturation and development, trainability, and sport system alignment and integration. It incorporates information from a number of sources. It draws on the experiences of various athlete development projects that have been implemented by different sport organizations in British Columbia since the mid-1990s. LTAD is an inclusive model that encourages individuals to get involved in lifelong physical activity.

The program is based on the Cross Country Development Program for Children. The focus on the program is to provide the kids with a healthy, fun and safe social experience while teaching them the basic techniques of classic and skate skiing. Currently the club has a number of junior/assistant coaches and volunteer parents who assist the lessons from beginner to advanced. Future goals of the program are to host our own races and have the kids attend regional races to encourage sportsmanship and competition.

The program runs from January to the end of March on Saturdays from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm [Children must be registered and members of the club to participate]. Equipment is provided to youth registered in the program as available. Kids are encouraged to buy their own equipment as they progress through the program and advance in their skill level.

Each class is carefully structured consisting of a warm-up, skill development, games and tour/practice on the trail systems. The philosophy of the program is built upon sportsmanship, respect, fitness/health and environmental stewardship.

Activities for All

Adult Ski Lessons

Adult classic ski lessons this coming Sunday, (Jan 27th 2019) at 1:30pm. Lesson is $20, and rentals are available for $15. If you are interested, please contact Tracy at or give her a call at 250-786-0296.

Moonlight Ski

The club has a long standing tradition of " moonlight" skiing. On the full moon of the winter months - when snow conditions, clear skies and temperature permit, interested persons meet at the parking lot at 7:00 pm [sharp] to go out for a group ski. NOTE: Head lamps must be carried as part of your equipment. Check the calendar for the full moon - or closest weekend date. This is not a formal structured event, but if you are interested please contact us at and we will try and put you in touch with a member who is attending.

Club Socials

At times the executive will organize a club social or fun day for members and the public. If you would like to be on our e-mail list to notify you, send a note to You do not need to be a member to receive this: We know you will join soon enough!

Fund Raising

Yup. Fund raising is an activity!   Without community support we would be nowhere, and so we must constantly encourage contributions.
One of our greatest funding sources over the years has been from the sale of Rotary Mega Lottery tickets. Every autumn, before skiing starts, we all do our part in helping with the sale. Thanks to Rob Jones for organizing this.


911 Address: 13562 Radar Lake Road
Our Location: 55.69N, -120.33 W6M
Call: Pat, (250) 782-8796
Emergency cell:(250) 219-6235
Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Assn.
P.O. Box 21033
Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4X8