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Our Goals

The Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association [BMNSA] is a non-profit recreational association created to provide access, facilities and opportunities for all ages to learn and experience the sport of cross country skiing in the South Peace Region in the Peace River Regional District Area. We are volunteer based with no paid staff.

The trails are also available for other all-season use; we encourage snow-shoeing, hiking, cross-country running, wildlife-viewing, mountain biking, horseback riding, orienteering, outdoor environmental studies and similar non-motorized   recreational activities.

Goals of the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association:

  • - Provide a facility which adds to the year around quality of life in the Dawson Creek and Peace River Regional District South Peace Area
    - Increase club membership to 400 members by 2019 with a focus on kids, youth, families and seniors throughout the Peace River Region
  • - Increase opportunities to develop the physical fitness and health of the region's population
  • - Provide a competition class Nordic Ski facility for hosting Northern and BC Winter Games
  • - Provide a competition class Nordic Ski training facility to support the development of Nordic skiing in our region
  • - Continue our tradition with volunteerism, multiplying greatly the impact of each dollar we obtain in support of our projects.

Our Executive

"The club aint gonna run itself, ya know."

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. This year's hardworking executive is listed below. Click in the table below if you wish to e-mail them.

The Board tends to meet the last Tuesday of every month, at the South Peace Chiropractic office at 7pm.

The meetings are open, and all members are very welcome to attend, but it is best to confirm by e-mail in case things have changed. Beware that if you are too keen, you might end up being on the Board next year!

Jill Squires, President
Pat O'Reilly, Vice President, Trails&Facilities 250.782.8796 or 219-6235
Deb Humphries, Secretary
Jan Patterson, Treasurer 250.782.3374
Cathy Clement, Director, Youth.Programs
Corrina Kennedy, Director, Memberships
Gary Squires, Director, Fund.Raising
Dan Strasky, Director

How to find us

Map Courtesy of Shannon O'Reilly - Thanks!

Directions to the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association Trails

  1. Travel South on 17th street beyond the city limit. Go as far as the Dangerous Goods Road (AKA Adam's Road).
  2. Turn right (west), for one mile and leave the paved Dangerous Goods Road taking that junction to your left, continueing west on the gravel road for one more mile. You will see a sign pointing to the Bear Mountain Recreation area and the ski trails. At that point, turn left (south) on Road 223.
  3. Follow the road south, then veering south-east up a hill for 5.9 km. You will come to a parking lot on the right and a brown gate on the left. There is a large sign at the far end of the parking lot. You are there!
  4. Park, cross the road, put your skis and hat on, and slide on!
  5. (Radar Lake is another 1.8 kilometres to the west of the parking lot and the Wind Tower road is 4.5 kilometres west of our parking lot.)
  6. Check "Maps/Trips" for a detailed trail Map.

View Google Earth Trail Map Here
Click map below for larger printable version

Our History

1960 - The Early Days:

It all started in 1960 when a group of cross-country skiers formed an informal club that met occasionally to leave ski tracks around the countryside. Fifteen years later,in 1975, the club established a network of trails between the south end of town and the Bear Mountain Downhill ski area. The Club also started setting and grooming trails throughout Kin Park when there was a demand for it.

Then, in 1988, Doug MacLennan and Pat O'Reilly initiated the establishment of the 1700 hectare Bear Mountain Demonstration Forest. During the next few years, trails were laid out within 500 hectares of this forest. This was the start of our nordic ski center as we now know it today!

1993 - But The Hard Work Was Just Beginning:

While some trail establishment and skiing occurred at Radar Lake the focus of activity shifted to our current location in 1995. In the interim, George Hauber and Pat O'Reilly with the assistance of volunteers had cleared the new trails to a 3 to 5 meter width. It may have seemed like overkill to those only familiar with the 'classic' skiing style, but the ski world was rapidly being overtaken by new athletes who had rapidly switched from single ski-skate to full skate-ski techniques. The new trails were wide enough to support this new activity of skate-skiing.

Since 1993, we had operated a completely viable club, with between 85 and 150 paid memberships, but truly we had benefitted about 500 skiers, many of who chose to pay individual day fees. We had cleared 23 kilometers of trail, built 7 bridges, placed 44 culverts, made 80 drainage improvements, built 2 heated shelters, constructed a log cabin, and installed the essential out-houses (thus increasing every-ones' daily ski endurance limits.)

2003 - Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association Founded

In 2003, the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association was officially formed as a non-profit recreational association. There was no paid staff, and so it was up to volunteers to continue to provide access, facilities, and encouragement for all ages to experience the joys of cross-country skiing. Particular attention was paid to getting our youth involved.

By 2004, all trails had been widenned to 5 meters, at a cost of over $15,000, and the twin track Alpine II snow machine was purchased for trail maintenance.

2004 - 2008: Four Years of Steady Improvements and Ongoing Maintenance

Few of today's skiers are aware of the tremendous amount of dollars and volunteer work that had to be done over the years to provide the enjoyable skiing that many of us take for granted. The Association has to charge fees to cover some of these costs, but a very large part is donated by our community supporters. The BMNSA also asks our members to donate at least 10 hours of sweat equity each year to help out. Check HERE to see what tasks were accomplished in just four years.

2008 - 20012: We Reach Maturity and Envisage the Future

We are confronted with major expenditures, as we acquire a newer track Snowcat for trail grooming, complete with a snow tiller and classic-ski track setting pans. This stuff does not come cheap! In addition, a new fully insulated shop gets built, and caretaker's living quarters get established, fully self-contained, with solar power, water and sewer.

Trails get improved, with some parts widened to 7 meters, stumps removed, and drainage augmentations. Thousands of deadfall and danger trees are removed from along the trails, and several hundred seedlings get planted at strategic locations. Shelter locations also get needed upgrading, and despite that, a dozen picnic tables, and 7 km of trails for hiking, snowshoeing, classic skiing are added. How does all this happen? We reach 2500 hours of volunteer work by members, not all of which is done by Pat O'Reilly! Here's a detailed breakdown.

911 Address: 13562 Radar Lake Road
Our Location: 55.69N, -120.33 W6M
Call: Pat, (250) 782-8796
Emergency cell:(250) 219-6235
Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Assn.
P.O. Box 21033
Dawson Creek, BC, V1G 4X8